The Importance Of Promotional Products For Business Promotion

A study carried out by Promotional Products Association International of America (PPAI) which I belong to, shows that 94% of people remember where they received a promotional gift, especially when it is good quality, functional, with nice packaging and branding.

I love statistics because it simplifies and makes the information come alive and it is easy to know what is working in your marketing arsenal. 89 %of consumers said they recall the advertiser’s name or the company they received the gift from two years after getting the items. Promotional items draw 500% more referral from satisfied customers than any other media. This shows how important they are for marketing and brand recognition.

Here are more reasons why promotional products are very useful

Cost Effective:

Every business both small or big, new or old need promotional products and corporate gifts because they are the most cost effective way to reach both existing and new customers and stay as constant reminder of the brand e.g. A nice mug with a logo can be used constantly for up to 12 months ,good quality leather wallet can last for years. There is no other advertising medium that can do this at the same time cut the marketing budget drastically.

Close The Gap:

Gifts bridge the divide and close the relationship gap no matter where the customer is located you can use gifts to make them feel close. They pull emotional trigger.

Reinforce Your Brand:

When a gift is personalized it shows your clients and stakeholders what your brand stands for. Your logo accompanies the warmth felt by the recipient.

Stay In Touch:

Staying in touch keeps the relationship open which opens more doors and opportunities for incremental business.

Ahead Of Competition :

Your gift distinguishes you, separates your brand from competition and makes you a preferred partner.

Dugo has an array of promotional products, business gifts, awards, souvenirs and timeless keepsakes. The in house capacity to stock, design and personalize is the Dugo Edge.

Enjoy December.




Mrs Ngozi

Mrs Ngozi is a Promotional Solution Specialist, founder and CEO Dugo Ltd. She is the Founding President of Association Of Promotional Products Specialists Of Nigeria (APPSON)

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